Yarl Saleforce Ohana

We, Yarl Salesforce Ohana is a legally registered Non-profit organization in Jaffna , Sri Lanka. We are helping students & IT enthusiasts to learn Salesforce and providing them the opportunity to pursue their careers in this cloud technology. Our community is continuously working hard to spread the word about Salesforce around the island and doing multiple activities to absorb new talents and resources into the Salesforce ecosystem. Our goal is to build the northern region as a talented Salesforce hub of the island.


Our mission is to establish a vibrant Salesforce community in the northern region of the island, by engaging individuals through enjoyable learning experiences. We are dedicated to giving back to our community, fostering collaboration, and developing student leaders.


Our vision is to create an inclusive community where students & other IT enthusiasts embrace Salesforce learning in a dynamic and fun manner. Providing them the opportunity to explore the power of the Salesforce platform. We strive to cultivate future leaders who make meaningful contributions to society, guided by our unwavering support and commitment to the community impact.

Our Values


Learning and keeping up with the latest technologies and  trends is the key to survival in the IT industry. We give all the chance to explore the latest trends of Salesforce.


Enhance your growth of technical, professional and business connections by joining us. The connections will open up new opportunities in the rapidly changing industry landscapes.


Helping others succeed is one of the most fulfilling experiences in life. As one of the key values of the Salesforce Ohana is Succeeding together, we support all of the trailblazers to thrive and  succeeded in their Salesforce journey.

Our Partners

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Thaipongal 2023

Hackforce 22

Beginners’ Bootcamp 2023

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Thank you Ohana 2022

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